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Relationships matter. Evaluation can be tricky.  And if there’s one thing our team at Sharp Insight has come to appreciate, it is when we can help each other and our clients to navigate evaluation in the “real world.” 

Some of our favorite days are when we have the opportunity to spark evaluation learning and community building. Through trainings, webinars, working groups, and (dare I say?!) board meetings, we welcome the challenges that come with creating evaluation learning experiences that engage teams and lead to action. Our most consistent example of this type of work has been through MORE: Metrics Outcomes, and Responsible Evaluation.


Since 2016, with the incredible support of Nonprofit Montgomery, we have had the opportunity to design and lead MORE, a semi-annual, in-depth evaluation learning experience for nonprofit professionals.   After two days of training, personalized consultations, and a capstone session, members of every cohort have shared one common point of feedback – a request for “MORE”… more follow-up support and more ongoing connections to their fellow MORE alumni.

And so, after 3 years, 6 cohorts, and over 200 graduates of MORE, we are over-the-moon excited to be kicking off the MORE Alumni Evaluation Network in partnership with Nonprofit Montgomery! In addition to quarterly events in Montgomery County, Maryland, the network will live online as a private LinkedIn Group. In this group we hope to create an intimate space for nonprofit evaluation learning and community building. While the forum is a closed group for our dear alumni, we thought it might also be fun to share the monthly topic and a few resources with our wider network. So please stay tuned, suggest a topic, and/or add to our #evaluationhaiku adventure!


Reads and Resources

Want a quick evaluation refresher?  Look no further than the 6 steps of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s evaluation framework.  (If you’re a MORE alumni, we hope this looks very familiar!) 

And in the spirit of connecting with others through evaluation, consider learning more about identifying and engaging stakeholders.  From BetterEval, a 2-minute read, Understanding and Engaging Stakeholders, with links to additional resources. From Nonprofit Quarterly, a 5-minute read, Unbalanced: A Map of Nonprofit Stakeholders, that might be a good conversation starter as your team beings planning or advancing your evaluation efforts.

And from the Twittersphere, we couldn’t resist sharing this thread with brainstormed terms for “a group of evaluators.” Do you have a favorite?


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