Courtney Sims, Associate: Monitoring and Evaluation


Courtney brings technical writing expertise to the team and supports organizations to develop meaningful, data-driven reports on progress and impact.

Courtney has worked in both the non-profit and research sectors and is thrilled to combine these experiences into tangible evaluation products. Her research experience has shaped her understanding of the evaluation process and the importance of careful and consistent data analysis. Her time in the non-profit sector has solidified her belief that monitoring and evaluation are vital components of any program. 

She is fluent in Spanish and continues to be deeply impacted, both personally and professionally, from her experience living and working in Honduras. Courtney holds a Master of Public Health and Bachelor of Science in Global Community Health from George Mason University, where she works as an adjunct professor.

Outside "the office"

Outside the office, Courtney enjoys a variety of simple pleasures. Dedicating as much of her free time as possible to her family, she enjoys spending time outside, including her family's growing garden. She loves to crochet, cook, and play board games. She's also second best in her family at haiku, which is more impressive than it sounds.