Our clients consistently regard Sharp Insight for our commitment to deeply listening and providing high quality services and capacity building experiences tailored to the needs of their organization.

At Sharp Insight, we help mission-driven organizations measure and strengthen the quality and impact of their programs.

We know that many people hear the term "evaluation" and immediately fear judgment of their program, initiative, or organization.  But fear not!  At Sharp Insight, we pride ourselves on our collaborative, thoughtful approach to evaluation that centers on learning and growth. We are committed to partnering with our clients and supporting their evaluation needs each step of the way. Our clients say that when working with us we become a part of their team and gain a true understanding of their programs as if they’re our own.

We understand that our clients often feel challenged to prove that their programs are effective. With all of their data and reporting requirements, it can be easy to lose sight of what really matters – truly understanding how their programs are making a difference in the lives of the individuals they serve. We seek to bring meaning to evaluation by helping to answer questions like:

  • What difference did my program make?

  • What tools can I use to measure the quality of my program?

  • How can my team more efficiently and accurately manage our data?

  • How can I present my organization's data in a more compelling way?'

Our Values

At Sharp Insight we are guided by our core values. When working with us we promise these four things:

Integrity Scale_SM.png


We adhere to the highest professional standards.  We are committed to open and honest communication, ethical consulting practices, and a resolute focus on achieving our client’s goals.

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We are committed to building strong, collaborative relationships with each of our clients.  We value our clients’ important work, are sensitive to the challenges they face, and respond to their unique and evolving needs.  We consider our clients as partners, equally committed to advancing their organization’s mission through our work together.

Learning Cap_SM.png


We value continuous learning and professional engagement as much for ourselves as for our clients.  We are committed to internal professional development so that we may continue to be challenged, inspired, and innovative members of our field.   Further, we recognize our clients as a primary source of our learning and inspiration, and are grateful for the opportunity to share our professional enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience to best support their needs.



We are committed to providing our clients with thoughtful, research-driven results that add value to their organizations.  We are determined to clearly present findings using language, charts, images, and media that resonate and best meet the needs of our clients and their stakeholders.